Augmented RealityApp Developers

Building customized live views by computer-generated sensory inputs

Engaging Viewers by Developing Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect live view of the real-world environment where elements are supplemented or enhanced by computer-created elements like video, sound, graphics and GPS data. At Eros Soft Solutions (ESS), we modify reality by computerized processes to enhance the viewer’s perception.

We work directly with agencies and brand marketers to develop custom Augmented Reality solutions. Custom branded applications let businesses combine exclusive experiences with project management and personalized services.Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) premium Augmented Reality features include navigation, branding specifications, user interfaces, complex AR effects and animation. We also offer 3D modeling, game development, and integration with ecommerce platforms or software services, location-based installations, micro locations, advanced AR effects and notifications.

Key Features and Benefits