Cast your favourite entertainment from yourphone straight to your TV


Building Chromecast-Ready Apps for Android

In the new age of remote-less set top boxes, Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) designs and develops apps for TV viewing operated via smartphones, tablets and laptops. We build exclusive apps for Google Cast devices to project your business presence on your customers’ television sets.

Chromecast, the digital media player developed by Google, can play audio-video content in high definition by streaming and using Wifi. Our advanced apps are based on Google Cast technology and can be ported from a laptop’s Google Chrome browser or an Android smart phone.

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ESS’s Expertise on Chromecast Technology

Chromecast is a gadget that allows your customers to stream media from smart phones or laptops on to TV. With a single tap on the Cast button on the supported apps that we had built for you, the Android or iOS device will send your content to the big screen and its speakers.

From writing sender applications to downloading API libraries, Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) does it all. For your app to execute the instructions and structures of Google Cast, the application we build locates the Google Cast Chrome Sender API library. The development process for Chromecast includes Namespace, Initialization, Device selection, Launch, Media control, Media status, Session management and Termination. We also implement elements like the Tracks APIs, volume control, status updates and progress indicator.