iBeaconApp Developers

Building iBeacon enabled apps to geographically target relevant customers

High Performance Technology Services

ESS’s pioneer development services for iBeacon allows mobile apps on iOS and Android devices to catch signals from beacons in the real world. We build mobile apps that use iBeacon to feed hyper-contextual content to your customers, based on their geographic location.

Based on the Bluetooth Low Energy of wireless personal area network,Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) development services help brands, retailers, apps and other platforms to locate a customer in the conventional environment. With this, we target your customers with contextual, regional and meaningful communication and ads on their smartphones.

Features of iBeacon

Monitor customer behavior and personalize their experience

Higher interaction, automation and advertising through iBeacon-enabled apps

Special micro location geofencing, even inside offices

Why Choose Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) to Implement iBeacon on your App

ESS’s tech team integrates iBeacon-enabled apps for Android or iOS with your business to detect iOS devices. Your business gains: