Social media continues to remain one of the best ways to reach and connect with the targeted audience in any business industry.

You know that your potential customers exist on social media, you have the platform to reach and interact with them, all you need is the right content.

“The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”

We understand how difficult it can be for social media marketers to constantly bring new and fresh ideas to the table in order to keep their social audiences engaged and entertained. So, here we are telling you about the top 101 social media content ideas that can help your business thrive on social media.

This list of 100+ social media post content ideas will keep your social marketing strategy inspired for a long time.

1. Ask the user

While most marketers prefer to do it at the end (when they’re literally out of ideas), I do it as the first thing in my social marketing strategy. Ask your customers what kind of content they prefer to see on your social pages, and then share the same.

2. Ask user opinions about something

If you are planning to launch a new product/service or even a marketing campaign, feel free to ask your social followers for help. This will make them feel a part of the company.


Inspiring or motivational quotes with a hint of your business/product idea always work the magic.

4. Ask a question

There is no better way to create engagement than asking questions. Keep it simple and relevant to your business.

5. Fill in the blank

E.g. if I had to travel to one place in the world, it would be ________________

6. Share your achievements

This will not only motivate your existing customers to engage more but also make new, potential fans to try out your services.

7. Company blog posts

If you’re writing a new post on your business blog, it is obviously for the benefit of the users, so make sure to share it with your social followers as well.

8. Polls

Running a poll often is a very effective way of boosting engagement on your social posts. 

(e.g. “Which of our products you like the most?”)

9. Funny posts

People love to read funny things and such posts are also known to create a healthy engagement in the form of comments.

10. Posts/photos of your company

A better way to make people feel connected with your brand is to share posts about your company’s events, culture, etc.

11. Industry statistics

Share interesting industry updates, data and statistics.

12. Behind the scene posts

Customers will love to know what goes behind the scenes in your company. For e.g. a video sharing the process of how a product is actually built is a great way of creating engagement.

13. Re-share

Re-sharing useful and relevant content that has already been written by someone else is another nice way to keep your users updated.

14. Re-post an old post

Sometimes, you can also re-share the old posts/links on your site or blog to give them a new life.

15. Pair “serious” topics with something casual

If you think your industry is too boring for the audience, share social posts accompanied by a funny yet relevant GIF or image.

16. Personalized content

Customers love it when their favorite brands notice them and do something special for them, like sharing a customized offer for your loyal customers.

17. Product videos

Got a product? What’s a better way to tell your customers about it than a nice video? Get one now and share it with your customers.

18. Guest posts

If you write posts on other sites, do share the links with your social followers.

19. Share a photo

And ask your followers to give an interesting caption to it.

20. Customer reviews

Occasionally share reviews and testimonials of your loyal fans to let others know why people love your brand.

21. Post an image

Share any casual or funny image or inspirational quote with your brand logo attached to it.

22. Infographics

Create and share interesting infographics related to your brand.

23. Theme/Series of posts

A theme or series of a certain type of posts is another way of engaging fans.

24. Tips & Advice

Depending on your industry, you can share instant tips that your followers might find useful.

25. Product photos

Photo-centric websites like Pinterest and Instagram are the best places to woo customers by sharing nice, high-definition photos of your product.SaveHere is our latest work in the field of mobile application development.

26. Post a challenge

Challenge your followers to take a pledge. People love a challenge, especially when everyone else is doing it.

27. Memes

Besides sharing regular images, you can also post memes and jokes along with your content on social media.

28. Photos that are irrelevant to your business

Yet somehow relevant. For e.g., if you run a cafe business, you can post eating tips, health tips, etc.

29. Share your brand stories

Let people know interesting stories and facts about your brand. Start with “Did you know” to make things more interesting.

30. Run contests

Post a contest related to your brand and encourage people to join it. It will not only create engagement but also help you get new followers.

31. Ask for suggestions to improve

If you recently launched a new product in the market, ask your social fans for inputs and feedback.

32. Share an offer

Your fans would like it and you might just get a lot more new followers looking to grab the offer.

33. Holiday posts

Merely wishing your fans happy holidays isn’t enough. Do something different to show them that you are also equally excited.

34. Explore Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to search for new content ideas. You’ll find a lot of beautiful images there that you can share with your social fans.Save Eros Soft Solutions, A complete Web and App solution company. we provide outsourcing IT services that includes web & graphic design, app develop, SEO marketing and more.

35. Ask fans to share photos with your product

Encourage your followers to share their photos using your product. Re-share the best photo on your official page.

36. Post Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are many of your customers asking the same questions again and again? Instead of answering them one by one, write a post with the answer.

37. Share a third-party resource

If you come across a link or resource that you think might help your followers, feel free to share it with them.

38. Custom artwork

Create and share custom artwork to entice your audience in taking a particular action.

39. Conversations with influencers

Host a live conversation with a leader or prominent figure in your industry. Customers love it when a real person endorses their favorite brands.

40. Case studies

Sharing detailed studies of your existing projects or campaigns is also a great way to deliver trust to your fans.

41. Share cute things

People love cute things whether or not they are relevant to your brand.

42. Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. You can occasionally give away free ebooks, infographic, white paper or even a free version of your product/software.

43. Re-share fan photos

Many times fans would post photos using your brand hashtags. Find them and re-share photos of your fans.

44. Create a product illustration

Launched a new product? Prepare and share a detailed diagram explaining the various features of the product or how it works.

45. Start your podcast

Give your fans more ways to absorb your content. Start your own podcast covering topics that your audience wants to know about.

46. Share a book recommendation

More often than not, your fans will include a lot of book lovers. Recommend a book that they might love and find useful.

47. Weekly posts

Share special posts such as tips on a particular day every week. Remind your fans to come back next week for more.

48. Post a job

Planning to expand your team? Let your customers know and help by getting the word out there.

49. Write about your favorite products

Products that you use in daily life and that help make things easier, more convenient for you.

50. An explainer image

If your production process can be explained in 3-4 steps, an explainer image/collage for the same can be a nice way for it.

51. Introduce new team members

Recently added a new member to your team? Introduce them to your audience and let them know your excitement.

52. Re-share your most popular blog posts

Let people know which of your blog posts is the most read and shared by people, and why.

53. Fan of the week

Reward a fan every week from the audience based either on their level of engagement or some unique achievement they made that week.

54. “This Day in History”

Find out an interesting thing that happened on this particular day in history and share it with your followers on social media.

55. Ask for random advice

Create a hypothetical situation and ask your audience what they would do if they were in that situation.

56. Ask the mood of the fans

Sometimes a simple “Hello” or “how do you feel today” is just what you need to make your audience feel that you care for them.

57. Live videos

With platforms like Facebook Live, it is now easier than ever to interact with your audience in real-time and face to face.

58. Do you remember

Let your followers take a trip down memory lane by sharing photos of your website or products.

59. Fun facts

Interesting facts and information are among the most shareable content types on social media.

60. Sign-up links or forms

If you are planning to run an event like a webinar, you can ask your audience to join it by registering via the link.

61. Share popular topics from Reddit

Reddit happens to be one of the best places to find trending topics. Post about the ones that are relevant to your niche.

62. Share a series of images

An image gallery depicting your recent office party, product launch, or anything else.

63. Image puzzles

Post an image scramble to leave your fans guessing.

64. Video reviews

Share a video testimonial submitted by one of your social media followers.

65. Show your brand doing good

Participate in different causes and post photos on social media to let your fans know that you care.

66. Motivational quotes

To inspire your audience, share motivational quotes that are somehow related to your business or industry.

67. Organise a photo contest

Ask your fans to submit their best photos and get them to vote to choose the winning photo/s.

68. Big holiday offers

Aside wishes, give something extra to your fans this holiday in the form of discounts on your products.

69. Success stories

More often than not, your audience loves to hear about your accomplishments. So, feel free to share even little successes with them.

70. Hold a debate

Only if you think you can manage it properly and keep the audience in control.

71. Show the people behind your brand

Never miss the opportunity to show the human side of your brand by showing the faces of actual people who work for you.

72. Host a live discussion round on Twitter

There is no better way to connect with your audience than a live chat/discussion on social media. Leverage Twitter chats for the same.

73. YouTube videos

Share inspirational or your brand-related videos from YouTube.

74. Make use of trends

For instance, The Bottle Cap Challenge became quite famous. As long as you want to do good, feel free to leverage these popular trends.

75. How-to tutorials

For a product that needs some explaining in order to be used, create and share how-to tutorials or videos with your audience.

76. Industry news

Use services like Google Alerts to stay aware of whatever’s going on out there.

77. Use your hashtags

Identify the hashtags that are related to your brand and use them whenever possible.

78. Q&A Sessions

No matter what industry you’re from, your customers will have a lot of questions to ask. So, organize a live Q&A session on social media and answer them.

79. Share region-specific posts

If you have customers in more than one country/state, feel free to share occasional posts for your fans in specific regions.

80. Invite fans to join a company event

If you are looking to strengthen the bond between the company and its customers, do invite your brand fans to the company’s events and get to know them better.

81. Share music

Music is something that everyone loves. Share a song or the entire playlist.

82. Ask for predictions

For instance, ask them to predict the winner of the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Share your prediction as well.

83. Like-if

Create social interactions by asking followers to “Like” the post “if” they did or do something similar.

84. Create a show or series

Another great way to engage the audience is by creating a regular (weekly or daily) video series on a particular topic.

85. Ask for questions

Ask your fans to write their own questions that they wanted to ask the brand.

86. Share-if

Ask your fans to “Share” the post “if” …

87. Old content in a new version

Share your old blog posts with new, visually-appealing and trendy graphics or images.

88. Post maintenance notices

Let your followers know if any of your products or services are being shut off temporarily for maintenance.

89. Post about little-known holidays

There are many unusual and less-known holidays, such as World Smile Day, Beard Day, etc. which you can write about.

90. Conduct a survey

Ask your customers to participate in a survey related to a product or service they use.

91. Ask a ‘truth or myth’ question

For e.g. Bermuda Triangle: truth or fiction?

92. Share live updates of an event

Post live updates, images or videos from an ongoing event in which your company is organising or participating.

93. Share other profiles

Promote one of your colleagues or partners by sharing their LinkedIn profile on social media.

94. Organize an instant sale or giveaway

Post a limited-time offer or coupon with conditions

95. Seasonal posts

Find something that is related to your brand as well as according to the season.

96. Industry research

Post the results of a recent, interesting research held in your industry.

97. Post affiliates

Share only products/services that are related to your business and that your fans may like.

98. Remember when

Share old memories or heritage of your brand with hashtags like #Rememberwhen

99. Thank your fans

For something or anything… “Thank you for being our amazing customers”

100. Photo of the day

Post a new, unique, inspiring photo each day with “photo of the day” tag.

101. Give a sneak peek

Of an upcoming product, book, blog or something else that users might be interested in.

102. Original Content related to the Business

Occasionally, you must share any original content that your business owns. This can be something from your website or marketing campaign or something about your products or services.

103. Hold Interactive Sessions

Users loved brands that take time to connect with their audiences through activities such as question-answer sessions, live videos, answers to commonly asked questions, etc. It makes them feel connected and cared.