Corona Fear Syndrome

Corona Fear Syndrome: The Actual Pandemic


  • Unnecessary panic regarding Corona Virus doing rounds.
  • Blowing the issue out of proportion and spread of false information causing panic.
  • Panic at the root of many other social and mental health problems.
  • Mankind has never been so well-prepared before, to tackle a pandemic like this.

The atmosphere of fear has spread much more than the Corona Virus itself. Whether or not someone dies of the virus, one will certainly be dead at peace of mind because of the unreasonable fear induced by the bombardment of all sorts of information on the issue from all directions.

With social media being the top-most medium of spreading false or half information, followed by media houses focusing more on negative incidents rather than the positive ones, fear has become the real pandemic. Not to forget, partial knowledge on issues is much dangerous than having no knowledge at all.

Coping mechanism is different for everyone. Psychologists have pointed out that people are experiencing anxiety, anger, worry, and panic. They are being over-sensitive about their health which is greatly impacting their quality of life and productivity. Feelings of helplessness and social withdrawal is increasing substantially among masses.

Social evils like Racism is also taking hold in society. People around the globe are brutally discriminating against Asians, as the virus first started spreading in the Asian country, China. As of India, even when the changing seasons are causing the usual allergies and infections, they are feared by the majority to be Corona Virus.

Of course, it is a matter that must be considered very seriously by all of us, by following the precautions religiously. However, it is equally important to be optimistic and know the brighter side of the situation which is much larger than the darker side.

The mortality rate due to the virus is only 0.2% under the age group of 40 years. The symptoms are so mild in most children that it might not even be detected. The cure rate is 13 times more than the mortality rate, due to our ability to provide required advance and supportive healthcare. The mutation rate of the virus is found to be very low. It can easily be killed from the surfaces using the prescribed amounts of ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydrochloride.

We have to keep in mind that even a common viral flu is incurable and deadly. Our immune system is the only soldier that fights it. Medicines just control the symptoms. Scientists all over the world are working upon finding the cure for Corona Virus and have already come up with vaccine prototypes.

All we need is to focus on strengthening our immune systems, taking the prevention-steps every single day and remaining positive. The entire human race has never tackled a pandemic so efficiently ever before. We are very well prepared and equipped to handle this cause of global concern.

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