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Attributed as the PHP framework for Web Artisans (Artists), Laravel is a free, open-source web development framework used for developing MVC and Symfony based web applications. Laravel is known for features like the integration of a modular packaging system and provides multiple ways for accessing and using relational databases. It is ideal for developing advanced, robust applications with the help of integrated tools. The reason why Laravel is regarded as the framework for web artists is that it is intended to write clean and beautiful code at a fast speed. Want your own website in Laravel? Hire Eros Soft Solutions for the job.

Happy Developers Make The Best Code.

Eros Soft Solutions is a renowned PHP web development company providing website development and designing services in a number of top PHP frameworks, including Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, Ruby on Rails and many more. However, when it comes to developing robust and advanced PHP web applications, we prefer Laravel over other frameworks. Whether you need a complete Laravel PHP website or an app or just an extension to enhance the performance of your PHP site, Eros Soft Solutions can offer all the help you need along with highly experienced Laravel developers for hire.

Top PHP Frameworks

Eros Soft Solutionsbuild effective and dynamic websites, web applications and APIs for our clients using top cutting-edge framworks technology, so they can achieve success in growing their business.

We have established experience in developing:

Why Hire Eros Soft Solutions (ESS) for Laravel Development

  • Templates and custom implementations
  • Module development
  • Routing and filters
  • Laravel optimized hosting
  • Database migrations
  • Multi-lingual solution
  • RESTful application
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive technical support

Laravel: The Best-Known PHP Framework

Laravel, one of the best PHP-based web app frameworks, is known for its quick development approach and MVC architectural pattern. It brings out high-quality websites and web applications to set your business apart.

Being a seasoned Laravel development company, Eros Soft Solutions leverages the power of this highly robust and scalable platform to bring solutions that matter. Be it a composite Laravel upgrade or dedicated Laravel support, our specialists offer high-end web solutions that strictly stick to the coding guidelines and standards. Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to and the scale of your operations, our certified Laravel developers tackle everything you put on their table.

  • eCommerce Development

    eCommerce Development

    Our experts offer a wide range of Laravel eCommerce solutions in the form of high-performing stores and websites.

  • Application Development

    Application Development

    Our adept application developers combine Laravel features and business values in the right amount for a perfect Laravel app.

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom Web Development

    We tweak and modify Laravel’s built-in features and functionalities to create a customised solution for your business.

  • Customization & Integration

    Customization & Integration

    We help you adorn your eCommerce website with fully-customised solutions and essential integrations.

  • Laravel Migration

    Laravel Migration

    We understand how crucial is your business data, and thus, migrate to Laravel in the most secure environment.

  • Restful Api Development

    RESTful API Development

    Our Laravel developers have hands-on expertise in API generator packages to create RESTful solutions.

  • Laravel MVC Framework

    Extension Developemt

    We offer custom Laravel extension development solutions to enhance the functionalities of your existing web applications.

  • Laravel Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Our support and maintenance team is highly responsive to your queries, both during and post-development.

Advantages of Laravel Framework Development

Wondering why develop your next web application in Laravel? Here are a few reasons to get you convinced.

Tailored for every team

Laravel is designed such that it fits perfectly with your project whether you are working with a team of 20 or as a solo developer.

A powerful queue library

Laravel queue lets you access a number of different queue backend through a unified API allowing you to perform tasks faster.

Easy to define routes

The integrated route file library contains the definition of all available Laravel routes, which you can access and use directly.

Low average loading time

Laravel websites have lower average loading time (of around 60 ms) as compared to other top frameworks such as Symfony.

Modern Tools

The framework comes with a number of amazing tools, including the Eloquent ORM tool for seamless database mapping.

Simple authentication

With Laravel, it is super easy to implement authentication in your PHP web application with the help of pre-configured options.

Template Engine

Laravel’s built-in template engine, Blade, employs code reusability feature which removes the need for defining a function twice.

Resources and support

There is a large community of Laravel developers who provide support to beginners and other users with their development needs.

Our Laravel Development Process

We develop Laravel web applications that perfectly fit your particular requirements through our custom development process.

1. Discussion and Planning

Upon receiving project details and requirements from the client, we build a proper plan as a roadmap to the development process.

2. Research

Research is needed for the development of custom Laravel applications which are based on a unique concept like never before.

3. Design

Our team of web designers will create a suitable design for your website that perfectly reflects the idea of your business.

4. Development

This part involves writing a clean yet robust code in a secure Laravel development environment to support the functioning of your website.

5. Testing

A number of tool-based and practical tests are held to check the feasibility and usability of your Laravel app in the real world.

6. Delivery and Support

The final product sample is delivered to you for the review. Upon verification and payment confirmation, the product will be sent to you.

Hire Fullstack Laravel Developer

Vue.Js and Laravel: A Perfect Combination for Modern Web Applications

Admin Mobile App Module

Laravel is an exceptional choice for businesses all across because of its ability to provide consistent and high-yielding solutions, much required for a growth-oriented organization. Be it a startup or an SMB or an enterprise, we successfully collaborate with you to create purpose-driven web & mobile applications. Further, we in-house talented Laravel developers who have expertise in combining Vue.js and Laravel for out-of-the-box solutions and business growth. Team up with us today and see your idea turning into reality.

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