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About Link Analyzer

Use this Link Analyzer Tool by Small SEO Tools if you want to analyze the links on your website

Whether you’re acting in response to the latest Penguin update or performing a regular link audit, this free Link Analyzer
Tool by Small SEO Tools makes the process of reviewing and analyzing your links as easy as possible.

This website link checker tool can only be used to analyze the links on one URL (web page) at a time. So, if you want an
in-depth link audit, you should analyze the individual web pages one by one, and not only the home page.

To use this Link Analyzer tool, simply enter the URL of the web page that you wish to review and select whether you want to
go through the external links, internal links, or both. You can also check the box to know the no follow links.

This Link Analyzer tool will generate the results instantly. It will display a report that includes all inbound and outbound
links as well as the associated anchor text. Should there be any hyperlinked images on the page, the alt attribute of that
image will be shown as the anchor text.


About Link Analyzer


At a time, this tool can be used in analysis for links on only one page. An audit of a deeper link is required to do analysis for individual web pages and only separately.
For each link that it finds, the Link Analyzer tool provides URLs, source code, and information. At the same time, this tool divides incoming and outgoing links into any URL.

How do you understand the difference between internal and outgoing links?

With an internal link, the transition goes to another page, but in the same domain. That is, as an example you can consider if you can have links to the page "About the program", "Contact information", "Blog entry", etc. In this case, each of the internal links is considered because it indicates one and The same domain, that is your site.
Pointing to another domain, links that go from your site will be outbound. As an example, we can consider the situation when you contacted the page of your links with your friend's site, this is the outgoing link, because with your domain you are linking to another domain.

What is the help of Link Analyzer in SEO:

In any domain, the link analyzer can help to find out how the number of internal and outgoing links is correlated. Often, for the effectiveness of a website in search engines, it may not be too useful a large number of outbound links. This is why it will be advisable to monitor the correlation of outgoing links and internal ones.

The Link Analyzer tool includes information about the main text used, nofollow tags, and it will also be very useful when you are researching different sites when they link to you