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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism means using someone else’s work without giving a proper citation or credit to the original writer.

In simpler words its “cheating” someone else’s work, knowingly or unknowingly. It is a term known to all and unfortunately practiced by many. Common examples include using other writer’s content without quoting them, failure to cite the original source of information, paraphrasing someone else’s ideas and not mentioning that the content is recycled from previous work.

Why Should We Use This Tool?

Some people think that they do not need this kind of tool as long as they take extra precautions when writing. What they do not know is that there are some times, when your idea has already been written by another person in the same sentence structure you have written. Despite the fact that you did not copy that person’s idea and you thought and made the sentence by yourself, it will still be you who will be labelled as the one who plagiarize knowing that they have published it earlier than you. This is why there is really a great for us to check our works through plagiarism checker.


How Is It Better Than the Others?

There are other plagiarism detector tools out there. However, this one is the best. Compared to the others, it has more advanced plagiarism checking, great scoring, similarity reporting and content tracking, better support and training and higher document limits.



However, while Turnitin is considered one of the best plagiarism checker tools out there, there are many other plagiarism tools that may act as a Turnitin alternative. One such plagiarism website that would work as a Turnitin alternative is Viper, which bills itself as a free advanced plagiarism scanner for students with tools that grant the person using the plagiarism detector to compare the document that has undergone the plagiarism test with the source of the supposedly stolen information, as well as the option to resubmit any tested work as many times as you like.

Another Turnitin alternative that promises to be a free online plagiarism checker with a percentage score is PaperRator that not only offers free plagiarism detection, but a full analysis and proofreader breakdown that checks against style, sentence length and grammar checks. Forgetting students for a moment, these are hugely valuable tools for improving your SEO score and ultimately, a better writer.